Cannon Air Force Base AC-130W Stinger II reg 1308 static display, was unveiled

Today, the Excalibur II, an AC-130W Stinger II static display, was unveiled — honoring its dedication as a wartime aircraft.

The AC-130W Stinger II provided support for many operations including Operation NEW DAWN, Operation ENDURING FREEDOM, Operation INHERENT RESOLVE, Operation FREEDOM’S SENTINEL, and Operation ALLIES REFUGE.

Excalibur II has been marked by many significant milestones throughout its operational history. In August of 2021 the Excalibur II flew its final combat mission as American forces departed Kabul, Afghanistan. It is now preserved as a display at The Steadfast Line in recognition of the AC-130W enterprise and the Air Commandos who were part of it.

Cannon air force base via facebook

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