BlueAngels Fat Albert C-130J Super Hercules the U.S. Army’s 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne), conducting a HALO jump

Teamwork and precision. 🎯

We recently had the opportunity to work with theU.S. Army’s 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne), conducting a HALO jump out of the back of our C-130J Super Hercules, better known as Fat Albert.

Exercises like this show the joint interoperability of the U.S. military, allowing us to accomplish missions in a wide-variety of situations.

U.S. NavyU.S. Marine Corps The 7th Special Forces Group via facebook

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USAF 166th Airlift Wing Maintenance Group (MXG) team painted the new graphics on one of our C-130H3 tactical airlifters.

NEW CASTLE AIR NATIONAL GUARD BASE, Del. — Every few decades an air wing updates its aircraft graphics making this is an historic event for the 166th Airlift Wing. After the 166th Maintenance Group (MXG) team reviewed several designs, they decided on this one. The new design modernizes our “brand” and will be seen everywhere our mission takes us. On Monday 25 March 2024, we photographed the MXG section as they masked and painted the new graphics on one of our C-130H3 tactical airlifters.166th Airlift Win VIA FACEBOOK

4th Marine Aircraft Wing VMGR 234 Rangers deliver an F-5E Tiger aircraft to NAS Cecil Field, Florida,

VMGR 234 Rangers deliver an F-5E Tiger aircraft to NAS Cecil Field, Florida, March 20, 2024. The F-5, purchased from the Swiss Air Force, was picked up at Emmen Military Airfield in Lucerne, Switzerland and transported via KC-130J to the drop off location in Florida. The aircraft was acquired as part of the Navy’s Specialized and Proven Aircraft program office’s ARTEMIS program. Over the next four years, multiple aircraft from the ARTEMIS program will be delivered to the Marine Corps and assigned to Marine Fighter Training Squadron (VMFT)-402, 4th Marine Aircraft Wing. #usmc #MarineForcesReserve

Cannon Air Force Base AC-130W Stinger II reg 1308 static display, was unveiled

Today, the Excalibur II, an AC-130W Stinger II static display, was unveiled — honoring its dedication as a wartime aircraft.

The AC-130W Stinger II provided support for many operations including Operation NEW DAWN, Operation ENDURING FREEDOM, Operation INHERENT RESOLVE, Operation FREEDOM’S SENTINEL, and Operation ALLIES REFUGE.

Excalibur II has been marked by many significant milestones throughout its operational history. In August of 2021 the Excalibur II flew its final combat mission as American forces departed Kabul, Afghanistan. It is now preserved as a display at The Steadfast Line in recognition of the AC-130W enterprise and the Air Commandos who were part of it.

Cannon air force base via facebook

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Zwitserland eerst F-5 Tiger straaljager ex Swiss Air Force vervoerd met USMC KC-130J

via XBS-DDPS 2020 hat das Bundesamt für Rüstung der @USNavy22 ausser Dienst gestellte Kampfjets des Typs F-5 Tiger verkauft. Heute wurde der erste dieser F-5 Tiger vom@USMCabtransportiert.

Vertaald vanuit het Duits door

In 2020 verkocht het Federal Armaments Office@USNavy

22 buiten gebruik gestelde F-5 Tiger straaljagers. Vandaag werd de eerste van deze F-5 Tigers vervoerd vanuit de


United States Air Force Airmen and U.S. Army Central Soldiers conducted airdrops of 66 pallets

United States Air Force#Airmen and U.S. Army Central#Soldiers conducted airdrops of 66 pallets of critical humanitarian supplies, including over 38,000 Meals Ready to Eat, to provide life-saving assistance to civilians in Gaza.

“I commend the outstanding efforts of our Airmen and Soldiers who made today’s airdrop a success and helped deliver 38k meals to civilians affected by the ongoing conflict in Gaza”. – Lt. Gen Alex Grynkewich, Air Forces Central Commander via facebook