NASA Our C-130 aircraft took its first-ever flight to Antarctica

Welcome to Antarctica, GUSTO! 👋

Our C-130 aircraft took its first-ever flight to Antarctica to deliver the galactic observatory last weekend. GUSTO will fly on a zero-pressure balloon from McMurdo Station in December 2023 and will map a portion of the Milky Way galaxy and nearby Large Magellanic Cloud. This flight is just one example of how our C-130 aircraft supports our suborbital missions around the world.

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USAF diverse Combat Offload Methoden

A C-130J aircrew from the 61st Airlift Squadron, Little Rock AFB (Official Squadron Page) practice a Combat Offload Method C recently at Fort Huachuca. Combat Offload Method C procedures enable a controlled offload of single or multiple pallets with minimal taxiway space and no external equipment or support required. They just slide off the ramp as the aircraft inches forward.

The 2-week Advanced Tactics Aircrew Course isn’t all about flying. During the Arizona portion of the course the aircrews practice combat offload technics. Combat Offload Method B, in particular is conducted when traditional equipment, such as a K-loader, isn’t available to remove cargo from the aircraft. Barrels are placed on the ground to support the cargo as the aircraft slowly pulls forward to release the equipment.

139th Airlift Wing | Missouri National Guard | Air Mobility Command

U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Clearwater HC-130H


✈️🛠️ Air Station Clearwater’s fixed wing aircraft hangar consist of 135 exceptional members, responsible for maintaining four #tacticool HC-130Hs and two shiny C-27Js.

This maintenance includes scheduled/unscheduled maintenance, repairing items that are found durning pre/post-flight inspections and anything required to bring the aircraft back to an operational status for the successful and timely execution of U.S. Coast Guard missions.

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