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RNLAF HERCULES C-130H G-781 Market Garden 2016

  De Herc Van het 336 squadron keert terug op VLB Eindhoven na het droppen van parachutisten uit diverse landen op de Ginkelse Heide video André Pouw

Get an inside view into Austrian Air Force C-130 Hercules operations.

Starting in the Engineering Squadron, you will join an engine change, fuel tank repairs, an engine ground run and witness typical flightline duties. Operating from our homebase in Linz/Hoersching, we support Austrian troops and NGOs, evacuate civilians and carry out medical evacuation missions worldwide. Let's take off and follow the Austrian C-130 Aircrew supporting our Special Operations Forces in the air, on land and in water. Join us on our way to Beirut to deliver armored vehicles for the United Nation troops in Lebanon and Syria. We finish our mission in Linz (LOWL) and hope you enjoyed the journey with us.
Austrian Armed Forces - providing protection and helpSpecial thanks to all supporting units (Dispatch, LuTUg,...) and our Industry partners (Marshall ADG, Vector, Kearsley,...) enabling us to accomplish our missions!

Hercules C-130 JATO Antartica Chilena

  Hercules C-130 con JATO Antartica Chilena Increíble Operación del Hércules C-130 con JATO (Jet Assisted Take Off) desde la Base Aérea Antártica Pdte. Eduardo Frei Montalva

50th anniversary of RAF's first C-130 Hercules.

In July 2016, a Royal Air Force (RAF) C-130J Super Hercules received a special paint livery to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the delivery of the RAF's first C-130 Hercules. Take a look at how this design was applied at Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group's facility in Cambridge, UK. youtube