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C-130 Dirt Strip Landing & Takeoff.

A nice and smooth C-130 Dirt Strip Landing & Takeoff. How vital are the 54H60 Props for this to happen smoothly?




  Ready to Carry Whatever the Future Holds Through select design changes, the LM-100J performs as a civil multi-purpose air freighter capable of rapid and efficient transport of cargo. The LM-100J is an efficient and ideal airlift solution when delivering bulk and oversize cargo particularly to austere locations worldwide. The LM-100J incorporates technological developments and improvements over the existing L-100s at a competitive price that results from years of C-130J operational experience, including more than 1.2 million fleetwide flight hours. The result of this experience and advancement translates to an aircraft that delivers reliable service in a versatile airframe for decades to come. The first LM-100J is in production as of April 2016, reaching major production assembly milestones at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics sites in Marietta, Georgia; Meridian, Mississippi; and Clarksburg, West Virginia. Wing production has begun in Marietta, which is home to the C-130J Super Hercules final assembly line. Other structural parts are in production at Lockheed Martin Meridian and Clarksburg facilities. Learn more.

A video of the Blue Angels' C-130, called "Fat Albert"

  A video of the Blue Angels' C-130, called "Fat Albert" Head on. And you guessed it, those are the 54H60 props. Who has the best caption for this video?

VMGR-352 old school

VMGR-352 "The Raiders" in action Film was taken in 1998. For any questions and ideas for history lessons, please forward all requests to info@marinebattleher...