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RAF Cosford Museum presented with C-130 Hercules , 2013

Sep 13, 2013 An aeroplane which was seen as a key component of the Britain's air force during the Cold War has been officially handed over to the RAF Cosford Museum. The Lockhead C-130 Hercules XV202, along with its log book, was presented to the museum's director general, Peter Dye. The handover was also made yesterday in the presence of Air Marshal Baz North of the Royal Air Force, retired Air Vice Marshal Ian Corbitt, Sir Michael Marshall, Chairman of Marshalls, and former Hercules airmen, including pilot Peter Sedgwick. The log book included information about the aircraft's servicing history, flight times and individual flights. Such records are rare because it became RAF practice to destroy the information shortly after the aircraft was struck off charge. The Hercules, which has formed part of the RAF's frontline for 40 years, still serves the air force today. Mr Dye said: "The RAF Museum is delighted that it has been able to acquire an example of this iconic and ubiquitous aircraft. "Hercules XV202 will allow us not only to celebrate the achievements of this hugely important type, but also to tell the story of those thousands of individuals who operated and supported the aircraft -- from the frontline to industry."